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NEWS: Vivup partners with Hastee to rescue NHS staff from Greensill administration fallout

Edel Brittle Mar 22, 2021 4:53:00 PM

Today we are delighted to announce that we will now be partnering with Hastee, the award-winning, financial health platform, to ensure our clients’ NHS staff will not be affected by this fallout

The recent collapse of Greensill who provided an on demand pay product Earnd, has sparked concerns that NHS staff could be under more financial strain

Vivup has been supplying employee benefits for over 15 years focussing on the physical, financial and mental health wellbeing of staff. They are currently trusted by 166 NHS Trusts nationwide, and together with other public and private sector organisations they support more than 1 million employees

Hastee enable employees to access a portion of their earned pay when they need it, and like Vivup, are already established within the healthcare and NHS sector. With this partnership, Hastee and Vivup will combine their extensive experience and offer NHS staff a trustworthy solution for their on demand pay needs

Simon Moyle, Commercial & Strategy Director at Vivup, said: “It is important for us at Vivup to work with a partner with very similar ethics, a company that is working towards the improvement of health and wellbeing in one of our most treasured institutions, the NHS. The response from Hastee to the unfortunate events at Greensill has been great to see. Like Vivup they have shown great empathy and have quickly been able to find a solution to ensure NHS staff do not suffer as a result”

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