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Future-proof your organisation with a fresh approach to ESG strategies

Sinead Murphy Oct 25, 2023 11:39:57 AM

In the modern workplace, providing employee wellbeing support has become increasingly expected. In fact, it is a key consideration for younger employees when searching for a new job. Perhaps that’s why many organisations are now recognising the importance of embedding wellbeing support into their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy.  

Although this strategy is seen as a crucial benchmark for how responsible organisations operate, it doesn’t tend to cover much beyond diversity, equity, and inclusion. While these areas are extremely vital, they do not address the myriad of mental and physical challenges that modern workers face – nor do they serve to prevent mental and physical challenges developing in the future.  

By embedding a wide net of wellbeing support into their ESG strategies, businesses can ensure they are prioritising employee wellness as part of their core values. This will not only help organisations retain valued staff that may otherwise be lost to absenteeism caused by stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and burnout, but will also help to future-proof organisations against young workers’ expectations. By 2030, it is estimated that 30% of the workforce will be Gen Z and 39.4% will be millennials - both of whom will expect better wellbeing support from employers as part of their recruitment efforts.  


How organisations can effectively embed wellbeing into their ESG strategy   

When developing a wellbeing plan in the context of a wider ESG strategy, employers should consider the ever-evolving needs of the modern workforce while supporting employees at an individual level. This will ensure that staff have access to a range of resources for their unique challenges across all life stages, which can be used to tackle issues before they escalate and build better personal resilience.   

While the value of employee wellbeing support is clear, that value is lost if staff don’t know it exists. That’s why it’s so important to empower senior management teams with the tools to drive engagement and uptake right from the start. From hosting education sessions to appointing a dedicated wellbeing team, training managers to spread the word and maintain engagement will help to ensure a wellbeing strategy’s success. 

But how do you measure that success? By utilising metrics that report on the impact of a wellbeing provision, employers can track the usage of the support they’re offering. In turn, this will enable them to monitor engagement levels and determine ways the provision can be developed in the future. It may also help to identify any gaps in their support, which employers can address to further strengthen their wellbeing offering and stand out as an employer of choice.  


Help your workplace thrive from hire to retire with Vivup’s Complete Care Solution   

It’s no secret that the workforce landscape has changed drastically over the last few years. Factors such as an aging workforce, a global spike in mental health conditions, labour shortages, and an increasing number of people balancing work and family commitments have created a significant impact on operations, recruitment, and retention for businesses across the UK.  

Our Complete Care Solution empowers staff to put their health and families first without compromising their careers. With practical and emotional support for all aspects of dependant care plus mental, physical, and financial help for whatever life brings, this is the next generation of employee wellbeing support for the next generation of workers.  

Not only will this solution help future-proof your business, but it also enables your people to stay well and in work, thriving from hire to retire, and better able to deal with those bumps in the road through a complete ecosystem of support.  


What’s Included?  

  • Your Care – A comprehensive wellbeing platform that encourages proactive health management by examining the individual elements that contribute to a person’s mental, physical, and financial wellbeing 
  • Family Care – A new generation of employee wellbeing and care made for the modern workforce. Employees can browse a network of ​care providers and support helplines ​through one simple platform, enabling them to find vetted last-minute or ad-hoc care solutions for a family member or pet 

Our Complete Care Solution also features the following salary sacrifice benefits to provide an all-encompassing range of employee support that meets people where they are – and where they might find themselves in the future:  

  • Home and Electronics – Helping staff spread the cost on a huge range of tech and home essentials through manageable monthly salary payments   
  • Health Cash Plan – Encouraging proactive health management by enabling staff to recieve cash back on the cost on everyday healthcare ^ 
  • Vivup highfive – An app-based Recognition and Reward platform that enables peer-to-peer acknowledgements of achievements, milestones, or a job well done  
  • Cycle to Work – Promoting healthier journeys to and from work with savings of up to 42%* on bikes and safety equipment  
  • Lifestyle Savings – Everyday savings from the UK’s leading retailers and utility providers  
  • Car Benefit – Gives employees the chance to spread the cost on driving a brand-new car with an all-inclusive driving package  

To help employers successfully embed this holistic wellbeing solution into an ESG, we also offer full support, communication, and reporting at every stage of the journey.  


The benefits of embedding a wellbeing solution into an existing ESG 

  • Helps organisations establish themselves as an employer of choice and gain a competitive edge in a tightening labour market  
  • Creates a more engaged, productive workforce  
  • Reduces workplace absenteeism and the associated costs  
  • Builds employee mental resilience  
  • Helps staff recognise their worth and feel more valued  
  • Safeguards businesses for the future and helps them meet changing needs in a proactive way  
  • Offers a positive return of investment of up to £8 per £1 spent  


Get in touch today   

To learn more about how Vivup can help you strengthen your ESG strategy with benefits that really make a difference, be sure to get in touch. Give our friendly team a call on 01252 784540, or email to request a platform demo.    


*Savings are realised through a salary sacrifice arrangement. Excluding End of Agreement fee (if applicable).  Terms & Conditions apply 

^ *Benefits are payable according to the benefit schedule up to the maximum benefit per Insured Person in each Scheme. Exclusions may apply.