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Vivup’s Chris Last Appointed as Chair of the Cycle to Work Alliance

Edel Brittle Aug 2, 2023 8:43:39 AM


Chris Last, Commercial and Strategy Director at Vivup has been voted the new chair of the Cycle to Work Alliance, marking a momentous occasion as the Cycle to Work Scheme celebrates its 25th year 

Chris, an ardent advocate for greener and healthier commuting options, brings a wealth of experience in the employee benefit industry and a lifelong passion for cycling. Hailing from a mining town in the Swansea Valleys, Chris developed a love for cycling at a young age. In the mid-90s, he championed cycling to work with his daily paper rounds on his trusted Raleigh Activator, equipped with front shock absorbers. His dedication to cycling continued throughout his life and in his current role as Commercial and Strategy Director at wellbeing and employee benefits provider, Vivup.  

Chris firmly believes in the power of sustainable and inclusive employee benefits, with a strong emphasis on promoting a Cycle to Work scheme that provides affordable travel alternatives and encourages a healthier lifestyle. His vision aligns perfectly with the Alliance's mission of fostering a greener and more active workforce while supporting businesses in implementing sustainable commuting solutions. 

Commenting on his new role, Chris said, "My objectives in this role are simple. I want every business in the UK to offer a Cycle to Work Scheme, increase participation, and I want to remove the barriers stopping people from cycling to work regularly, which include secure storage in towns and cities and improved infrastructure that enables safer cycling between destinations." 


About the Cycle to Work Alliance: 

The Cycle to Work Alliance is a policy coalition of five of the leading providers of the Cycle to Work Scheme (Halfords, Evans, Vivup, Cycle Scheme and Cycle Solutions), representing around 80% of the Cycle to Work Scheme market. 

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