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Vivups 2022 Round Up

Sinead Murphy Dec 20, 2022 12:00:00 PM

Join us as we reflect on a year of growth, innovation, and success here at Vivup HQ!

Before we dive in, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate and sincerely thank our dedicated staff for making magic happen throughout 2022. Without your hard work and commitment, none of these achievements would have been possible, and we’re so grateful that our people are passionate about supporting your people to succeed in living happier, healthier lives both in and out of the workplace.


From expanding our employee benefits offering to bringing brand-new clients on board, 2022 has been a year of phenomenal growth for Vivup. So far, we’ve facilitated:

  •  7 million employees with access to the Vivup platform
  • 184 new clients implementing the Vivup employee benefits platform
  • 700,000+ lives supported by our Wellbeing and Employee Assistance Programme
  • 241 new benefits and discounts launched to support your people’s mental, physical, and financial wellbeing
  • Nearly 500 desirable offers now available on our platform


You wont find us resting on our laurels here at Vivup. That’s because we believe that constant innovation is key to the continuing success of any organisation. Whether it’s a technological innovation, a new product, or simply a great idea from a member of staff, we’re always looking for ways to push things forward and deliver the highest standard of support for your people. Some of our 2022 innovations include:


  • A complete redesign and relaunch of the Vivup website,
  • The launch of our Your Care Platform, which provides access to 24/7 support and counselling as well as personal, emotional, and financial wellbeing tools
  • Brand-new in-demand retailers now available through our Payroll Pay® offering, including Roger Black, Toolstop, and Decathlon
  • A redesign of our employee benefits platform, making it easier for your people to access the support they need
  • An Omni-Partners management buyout, giving us greater flexibility and funding to continue to disrupt the markets we operate in or wish to operate in

Recognition and Reward

We understand the power of employee recognition. This year, we’ve shared that power with public and private sector organisations across the UK via our Recognition and Reward app, Vivup highfive, helping them to achieve:


  • 61,000 highfives sent through the platform
  • Over 100,000 recipients ‘highfived’ in total
  • Reward values exceeding £1,000,000 sent and received

Customer Service

Great service doesn’t stop with providing expert employee benefits. We’re committed to delivering excellence at all stages of your Vivup journey, which is why our dedicated Customer Service team have achieved:


  • A 90% Overall Customer Satisfaction Score
  • A 4.7 Star ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot


We’re proud to have received some pretty prestigious awards this year. In recognition of our efforts to provide all-encompassing employee benefits and support to both your people and our own, we achieved:


  • The Employer of the Year Award at the 2022 Investors in People awards ceremony
  • The Investors in People Leader of the Year Award, given to our CEO Simon Moyle for always insuring that we are what we sell!


Speaking of embodying what we sell, we’ve also seen some incredible growth and achievements taking place amongst our own workforce this year. In 2022 alone, Vivup have:


  • Welcomed 56 new colleagues to our ever-expanding team
  • Overseen 19 internal moves or promotions within the business
  • Added an additional sales section to our operations
  • Expanded our People & Culture team to ensure our employees stay connected and engaged, every step of the way

 Social Values

While we’re proud to have made a positive difference to the lives of employees across the UK this year, we don’t want to stop there. As part of our ongoing commitment to improve our local communities and the lives of those who live in them, we’ve taken a number of steps to do better, be better, and inspire the change we want to see.

During 2022, we have:

  • Delivered 90 toys to local neo-natal units
  • Completed 169 OnHand Volunteer missions
  • Helped out at the Commonwealth Games with 5 employees volunteering their time
  • Facilitated the hire of 6,431 bikes
  • Leased 349 electric vehicles
  • Saved a total of 3,863,717 C02 emissions from the use of bikes and EVs via our employee benefits solutions*

With a successful year behind us, we’re setting our sights on achieving even more in 2023. Want to share in that success? To learn more about how Vivup can help your people and business thrive in the new year and beyond, be sure to get in touch. You can give our friendly team a call on 01252 784540, or email to request a platform demo.

Bring on 2023!


*Emissions saved from bikes hired is calculated based on Government data on average miles travelled per year by an individual, divided by two, multiplied by the average C02 produced per mile in grams. Cycle to Work scheme conditions state the bike must be used for at least 50% of commutes to and from work. Cycle to Work & Car Scheme is provided by a salary sacrifice arrangement. Terms & Conditions apply.