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Vivup launches benefit to support working families as childcare costs soar

Edel Brittle Oct 11, 2023 9:27:59 AM


Growing levels of absenteeism and soaring childcare costs has prompted leading wellbeing and employee benefits provider Vivup to launch a new family benefit to help support employees struggling with caring responsibilities.

New CIPD research found that sick days are at their highest level for over a decade, and while the top causes of short-term absence relate to minor illnesses, musculoskeletal injuries and mental ill health, Vivup says another cause of short-term workplace absence is due to unexpected childcare or senior care difficulties such as an ill parent or a teachers’ strike.

In addition, increasing childcare costs are making it difficult for some working parents to remain in the workplace, leaving employers at risk of a talent drain.

Vivup’s new Family Care employee benefit helps address these challenges by providing employees with a mechanism to search for care provision for the whole family, anywhere in the UK.

The database comprises over 14,000 childcare providers, 4,000 tutors, 15,000 eldercare providers and 3000 petcare providers. An advisory line provides advice for employees with questions or concerns.

Simon Moyle, CEO of Vivup, said: “We know approximately 1.3 million people in the UK make up ‘sandwich carers’ but family dynamics are different in every household. So when unexpected or sudden caring challenges arise, it often creates an absenteeism problem. Indeed, many ‘first day’ absences are parents stating they have a cold or other health issue, when in fact they needed flexibility to support a family member”. 

Lindsey Doe, MD of Vivup’s Family Care, added: “Our new Family Care multi-generational benefit helps employers support their people by giving them autonomy to choose the care they want and need by providing access to our geo-targeted search engine and resource library.

“The reimbursement model means care is only paid for when it is expensed back, allowing employees to draw down against their employer-allocated budget as required. Employees have meaningful financial support and employers have assurance that their people are present and engaged at work.”

Family Care gives employers the flexibility to set a budget and limits on cost per care session, as well as which services to support, including specialised childcare, eldercare and petcare. Employers can track ROI by measuring how usage supports attendance, productivity, performance, and engagement.