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Top Tips for Success for SMEs

Sinead Murphy Mar 11, 2024 10:37:31 AM

Sharing Our Tips for Success as the UK’s #1 SME 

In February of this year, we were thrilled to be ranked as the number one UK SME at the 2024 Elite Business 100 Awards!  

As a fast-moving, forward-thinking organisation, we’re constantly looking for ways to keep improving. We also recognise that this is the case for many organisations - so we’d like to take this opportunity to share some insight into what we think makes Vivup great! 

The EB100 Top SME list is measured on several factors, including: 

People Support – This area recognises businesses that provide the most comprehensive and ongoing support for their staff, demonstrating innovation through their company culture, training programmes, and wellbeing packages.  

Innovation – When it comes to innovation, the EB100 list looks for businesses who are taking radical steps to set themselves apart in the market. It recognises organisations who are making the most of new technologies, developing new products or services, and pushing the envelope of what SMEs can achieve.  

Growth - Comparing year-on-year growth acceleration in both revenue and team size, this area acknowledges the recent expansion within an SME business.  

Contribution - From championing the profile of the sector to giving back through charity and outreach, the Contribution category recognises the organisations that have made a significant impact to the community as a whole.  

Financial Performance – This category looks at a business’s turnover and profit to gauge how financially successful the organisation has been.  

Team Size – Recognising businesses who have created a notable presence in their market, this area considers the number of individuals within an organisation and examines the accelerated growth of the company. 

Longevity – The Longevity category considers the age of the business and its endurance in the marketplace.  

Future - This area recognises the SMEs with the most ambitious plans for the future, including UK or international expansion, new products and services, the creation of new brands, or major marketing drives.  


What Sets Us Apart from the Crowd?  

Supporting Our Staff - As a world class health and wellbeing benefits provider, we know what it takes to keep our people happy. And because we are what we sell, we make all our exciting and desirable benefits available to our staff so that we can support their mental, physical, and financial wellbeing. We believe this is fundamental to creating employee happiness in a meaningful way. After all, happy employees mean more productivity, better engagement, and positive business progress. 

Our vision is to truly improve the lives of our workers and our client's workers. Therefore, we have a responsibility to practice what we preach! From recruitment to engagement, every decision we make in our employees' journey is based on five unchanging values: 

  1. Passionate 
  2. Focused 
  3. Innovative 
  4. Supportive 
  5. Fast Moving 

We strongly suggest identifying your core values and embedding them into the fabric of your company culture. One effective way to do this while boosting employee engagement and morale is to implement a Recognition and Reward solution based around these core values. 

Championing Growth - Our growth is made possible by our amazing team. Because we prioritise their wellbeing and create a positive work environment in which they can thrive, our staff are able to focus on being productive, engaged, and creative. This in turn helps us to become an employer of choice - making recruitment and ongoing growth that much easier. 

Making a Positive Impact - At Vivup, we aren’t just about profit. We’re committed to several causes that really matter to us, including:  

  • Providing dedicated volunteer days for our staff 
  • Supporting local economic growth across the UK with savings that encourage local spending 
  • Saving emissions through our Car benefit and Cycle to Work scheme  

Here are some key goals that we’ll be working towards this 2024:  

  • Fighting climate change through our Carbon Reduction Plan, tree planting initiatives, and Sustainable Living discounts 
  • Providing social value to local communities through a variety of benefits - helping workforces tackle their own sustainability initiatives in a healthier, happier environment 
  • Monitoring and measuring the effects of our social value initiatives to help inform environmental strategies 


A Word from our CEO  

It’s such an honour to be named #1 UK SME by EB100. While the award gives us a great opportunity to reflect on the work we do, it also inspires us to strive even harder to promote positive change in the SME space.  

Simon Moyle, CEO of Vivup, comments, “I am so proud of every member of our team. I love leading this business and making a real and meaningful impact on peoples’ lives every single day. 

To be able to say we are the number one SME is incredible. We have grown by at least 39% in each of the last five years, which puts us in a very small group of businesses across the world.” 

A special shout out goes to our incredible team: your dedication and passion enables us to bring our Vivup values to life. Watch this space to see what else we can achieve as the top SME of 2024!