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Gen Z: Unlocking Their Full Potential

Sinead Murphy Mar 14, 2024 1:48:26 PM


Unlocking The Full Potential of Gen Z in the Workplace 

Discover how you can empower your Gen Z employees to be present, proactive, and productive   


With the digital age firmly upon us, we’ve never been more aware of the generational divide that exists in the workplace.  

With 57% of employees wanting to work beyond traditional retirement ages, and as life expectancy increases, we now see five generations working side by side for the first time. The result is a true multigenerational workforce – and one that requires a multipronged approach to support everyone’s unique needs.   

While Traditionalists (1928-1945), Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Gen X (1965-1980), and Millennials (1981-1996) have already established themselves as longstanding members of the workforce, a new generation is starting to gain more presence.  


Who is Gen Z?  

Those belonging to Gen Z (1996-2012) are communicative, digitally proficient, and autonomous – and total just 5% of today’s workforce. These individuals are committed to diversity and inclusion and, despite their slender demographic, have proven themselves to be sustainability focused and active in fighting for social justice.  

Unlike previous generations who favoured a stiff-upper-lip mentality, Gen Z are part of a cultural shift that has reduced the stigma associated with mental health. As such, they have shown a desire to work within organisations that support wellbeing, encourage open communication, and allow time off to rejuvenate their mental health.  


Problems and Preconceptions  

In a Vivup survey, we found that 42% of HR leaders believe Gen Z are difficult to manage - and the research supports this, with 74% saying that Gen Z are the most difficult generation to work with.  

There is an apparent disconnect between older management and Gen Z due to the vast generational differences that exist between them - and this vastness will only increase if older leaders lean into the stereotypes and preconceptions.  

Gen Z may be seen as:  

Disloyal - 65% of Gen Zers admit they’ll leave their jobs by the end of the year. More than 13% are over twice as likely as other generations to leave their jobs within the next month 

Easily distracted – Due to growing up in an era of information overload, Gen Z have an attention span of around 8 seconds 

Technology dependent Spending more than 60% of their time online, employers may believe that a reliance on smart devices and social media has left Gen Z unable to handle face-to-face interactions  

Impatient - As products of an era of instant gratification, Gen Zers can be seen as poor fits for a professional world that requires dedication and gradual progression  


What Gen Z Can Bring to the Table  

If employers can look past these preconceptions, they can benefit from a wide range of unique skills and perspectives in the workplace. That’s because Gen Z are:  

Digital natives: Gen Z are the first generation who do not remember a time before the internet. Smartphones are part of their identity and upbringing, which means they are best placed to harness the power of all things digital. They can use this unique positioning to excel in digital marketing, social media management, and achieving viral status 

Reverse mentors: Gen Z can also use their digital credentials to educate older colleagues on technology and emerging trends  

Creative and innovative: Growing up in a rapidly evolving world where one trend replaces the next at dizzying speed, Gen Z can help you adapt to this landscape and remain competitive 

Drivers of change: Many have found the Gen Z’s fresh perspectives and open criticism gives them a unique ability to spot opportunities for change within organisations.  


How to Integrate Gen Z into Your Workforce  

By 2030, Gen Z will account for 30% of the overall workforce. This means that employers must start to consider how they will integrate and support these individuals within their organisations to help them thrive and achieve positive business outcomes.  

Failure to utilise and unite the values of all generations could cause problems when older generations like Baby Boomers and Gen X start to retire and practises are tailored to their preferences. 

Here’s four simple steps you can take to ensure your Gen Z staff feel seen, heard, and accepted:  

  1. Flexible working: 72% of Gen Z employees have either left or considered leaving a job due to inflexibility. With this generation favouring a balanced work/life approach and more windows of opportunity for self-care, it’s important to offer flexibility – where possible  
  2. Recognition and reward: Having grown up in an age of likes and comments when sharing new content, Gen Z are used to instant recognition. You can mirror the dopamine hit of a social media ‘like’ by ensuring you acknowledge their efforts in the workplace in a tangible way 
  3. Meaningful benefits: On every metric that interferes with work performance, Gen Z reports more struggles than the general population. That’s why they’re looking for benefits that support every area of their wellbeing, prevent them reaching the point of crisis, and promote better work/life balance 
  4. Share your social values: Nearly 1 in 5 18–24-year-olds left their last employer because they didn’t share their values, and 62% specifically look for an employer who shares their social stance. To attract and retain from the Gen Z talent pool, you should show your commitment to social challenges such as sustainability, diversity, and inclusion in an amplified and engaging way 
  5. Make communication a priority: In our recent survey, we found that Gen Z was identified as difficult to communicate with. By making it a priority to understand how best they communicate, you can resolve the miscommunications that may be occurring. 


Discover How Vivup’s Offering Can Support Your Gen Z Workers 

Instant Acknowledgement  

Did you know that employees are 10x more likely to feel like they belong at their organisation when they are recognised at work?   

From applauding achievements to sending a simple thank you for a job well done, our Recognition and Reward solution, Vivup highfive, makes it easy for your people to spread good vibes in a few quick clicks.  

With highfive, staff can:   

  • Celebrate their co-workers’ successes  
  • Feel rewarded when someone recognises the great things they do  
  • Elevate team spirit  
  • Make appreciation part of the culture  
  • Boost morale and motivation  
  • Feel more connected to their work tribe  
  • Inspire others to pass on the positivity  


Whole-Health Wellbeing  

Vivup’s all-encompassing Your Care platform offers both proactive and preventative support to help staff live their best lives - both in and out of the workplace. A comprehensive range of solutions including health assessments, helplines, integration with fitness apps, and access to recipes and nutritional advice enables employees to prioritise their wellbeing in all areas.  


Financial Support  

Lifestyle Savings: With access to 100s of instant discounts from the UK’s leading retailers, restaurants, food delivery services, and attractions, you can help your staff reduce the cost of their everyday expenses and enjoy more of what life has to offer.  

Salary Sacrifice: Our Salary Sacrifice employee benefits enable your people to spread the cost on the items they want and need via manageable payments made straight from their salary. This includes access to the latest tech items, cycle essentials, car leasing, and more.    


To learn more about how Vivup can help you gain a competitive edge to attract and retain Gen Z talent, get in touch today. Visit, email, or give us a call on 01252 784540.  


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