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NEWS: Vivup acquire highfive recognition and reward

Edel Brittle Sep 23, 2020 4:27:00 PM

Vivup are delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new in house recognition and reward platform, Vivup highfive – making it easier to show appreciation for your team’s hard work.

Simon Moyle, Commercial and Strategy Director at Vivup said:

“We recognised that our clients have very differing needs when it comes to recognition and reward of their staff.  A one size fits all was just not cutting it.  We looked at all the solutions available in the market and decided the only way to provide what our clients need was to create an in house solution.  This gives us the flexibility and control we need to adapt the product to meet requirements of our clients.  We are delighted to have found highfive which provides so much of what we need.  It’s such an effective and easy to use platform – staff really love it.   Simon Berry, founder of highfive, will be joining the team to help us continue to innovate and develop our offering.

This now means we now have an in house reward and recognition platform alongside our existing Employee Assistance Programme – another area we feel it is important to be able to adapt to meet client needs.”

Vivup highfive provides: 
  • A simple to use recognition & reward platform,enabling employers to celebrate employee milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries and long service awards
  • Peer to peer recognition, giving staff the ability to send colleagues a highfive message based on your organisation’s core values
  • A centrally managed rewards solutionvia a digital Mastercard for your employees to use wherever a Mastercard is accepted

Vivup highfive’s employee engagement, recognition and rewards platform is an app-based solution available at the fingertips of all employees. It can be downloaded via a secure link and available on all digital platforms, iOS, Android and desktop. Plus, all platforms can be branded, personalised and tailored to your organisation.

About Vivup

For 15 years, Vivup have been providing award winning health and wellbeing benefits to employees in both the public and private sectors

They are currently trusted by 280+ NHS Trusts, Local Authority, Blue Light and private sector organisations nationwide, supporting 1,000,000+ employees

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