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How Vivup Supports the 4 Key Challenges Faced by Employers

Sinead Murphy Nov 28, 2022 2:30:26 PM

Here at Vivup, we understand how important it is for organisations of all sizes to take care of their people.  

In order to achieve a happy, engaged, and productive workforce, we must first identify and overcome several challenges. From managing the impact of the rising living costs to budgeting for better employee wellbeing, it’s an uncertain yet crucial time for everyone.  

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most pressing challenges being faced by employers, and how we can help you overcome these.  


Supporting Staff with the Cost of Living 

Right now, 78% of low-paid workers are experiencing what they consider to be the worst financial period they have ever faced. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to managing your people’s financial wellness, and with pay rises and bonuses not always possible, you can offer your staff a way to manage their money and help relieve financial stress.  

We offer a range of solutions to support employee financial wellbeing and help your organisation avoid the damaging effects of burnout, stress-related absence, and loss of productivity. These benefits include:  

Payroll Pay®, which enables your staff to spread the cost on desirable and essential items such as tech, appliances, car leasing, bikes and safety equipment, travel, and much more through manageable monthly salary reductions or deductions. 

Lifestyle Savings, a meaningful employee benefit that helps your people enjoy more of what life has to offer with instant access to discounted eGift cards from the UK’s leading retailers, restaurants, supermarkets, attractions, and more      

And our Wellbeing and Employee Assistance Programme, designed to deliver expert mental health support when your people need it most, 24/7, 365 days a year, including impartial debt and financial advice.   


Attracting and Retaining Talent  

The legacy of COVID-19 has not only changed the way we work, but also the way we think about work. With many employees now experiencing a shift in what they deem most important, and more attention being paid to flexibility and desirable benefits, it’s never been more vital to set yourself aside from the competition as an employer of choice.  

Research shows that 75% of workers would be more likely to stay with their employer because of their benefits package. When we compare this to the average cost of replacing a worker in the UK - a staggering £12,000 – the importance of boosting your workers’ salaries with additional benefits that support mental, physical, and financial wellbeing becomes clear. 

From helping your people enjoy essential everyday savings to making mental health resources accessible for all, Vivup work alongside you to deliver a bespoke employee benefits programme that not only suits the needs of your organisation but can also attract top talent and keeps them on board.  


Reward and Recognition  

It’s no secret that a happy workplace is a more productive one. Creating a culture of continuous recognition from both the employer and their peers is a proven way to keep your employees motivated and engaged while creating a sense of community within your organisation. 

But how exactly do you encourage employee engagement when faced with rising business costs and communication barriers like remote or hybrid working?   

Whether it’s a reward for hitting a company or personal target, a long service award*, a shout out to a supportive colleague or a simple thank you for a job well done, we can help your business increase employee engagement, boost team morale and give your staff the appreciation they deserve with our very own in-house recognition and reward app: Vivup highfive.  

The broad appeal of Vivup highfive can support your organisation with: 

  • Reducing absenteeism 
  • Supporting your staff by recognising achievements and celebrating success 
  • Attracting and retaining talent 
  • Growing a positive workplace culture 
* Rewards provided to Employees through the Highfive platform is subject to HMRC Employee incentive awards rules on Income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC).  

Employee Engagement 

When launching a new employee benefit, it’s important to ensure your employees know exactly what’s available with strong internal communications. We create a bespoke communications plan based on your core values and personal goals, with a personal Client Success Manager on hand to help you get the most out of your employee benefits. You’ll also receive dedicated marketing support, up-to-date analytics, and ongoing communications provided direct to the registered user.   


Discover the Vivup Difference   

With our all-encompassing wellbeing solution and over 17 years of experience in delivering benefits, we can provide you with the tools you need to enrich the lives of your hardworking people. 

In fact, we currently support over 1.5m employees and 80% of the NHS to live happier, healthier lives both in and out of the workplace. 

We do this by taking a forward-thinking approach to employee wellbeing, in which we carefully study the issues faced by organisations and offer positive, proactive solutions that are as effective as they are easily implemented.   

Our award-winning employee benefits solution has helped organisations just like yours to boost engagement, support staff wellbeing, and connect workforces. Take a look at the difference we made to Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, who were struggling with issues around recruitment and retention. The stats speak for themselves!  

After introducing Vivup’s centralised employee benefits platform, Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust experienced:  

  • 2,000 employee registrations during the first four months  
  • 563 orders on Home and Electronics and Cycle to Work Payroll Pay® benefit 

On top of that, Linsday and Gilmore Pharmacy had huge success in the first three months  

  • 71% activated their highfive app  
  • 666 highfives sent 
  • £8,647 in rewards distributed  


Get in Touch Today  

To learn more about how Vivup can help you address the challenges in your public sector organisation in a cost-effective way, be sure to get in touch. Give our friendly team a call on 01252 784540, or email to request a platform demo.