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Biking for Mental Balance: Unlock the Psychological Benefits of Cycling to Work

Sinead Murphy May 31, 2024 12:22:53 PM

Cycling to work has more than just environmental benefits.  

Along with reducing carbon emissions, road congestion, and air pollution, new research published by the University of Edinburgh has found a link between travelling to work by bike and better mental health. The report confirms that cycle commuters are “15% less likely to be prescribed drugs to treat anxiety or depression than those who commute using different modes of transport.”  

With local authorities planning to develop and expand cycle routes, it’s a great time to encourage your workforce to switch their current commute for one that benefits their mental, physical, and financial wellbeing.


Vivup’s Cycle to Work Benefit  

Providing our Cycle to Work scheme in your organisation can help encourage your employees to make their commutes cleaner, greener, and more financially manageable. 

Your staff can save up to 42%* on the latest bikes and safety equipment while enjoying the flexibility to either visit a local participating bike shop to select any brand of bike or safety equipment, or browse and order products online through the Vivup website. 

They are provided with a bike and safety equipment by you for an agreed length of time in return for a reduction in salary. Reductions are made to an employee’s gross salary, so they can make savings on Income Tax and National Insurance.  


The benefit removes a number of expensive barriers that often prevent employees from commuting, such as the up-front cost of a bike, helmets, clothing, and other accessories. Utilising the benefit means there are significant savings, and the employees pay monthly for the expense. Plus, the benefits to health are huge. NHS waiting lists are now longer than ever before, so encouraging employees to improve fitness, health, and save money is an amazing way to look after colleagues and support the NHS

- Chris Last, Chair of the Cycle to Work Alliance and Commercial Director at Vivup


The Mental Health Benefits of Regular Biking  

By opting for a bike commute, your people will benefit from a boost of fresh air and sunlight which, when combined with exercise, can leave them feeling revitalised, energised, and optimistic. What’s more, moving out in the open can also help to reduce feelings of tension and anger – helping your staff feel more positive and better able to tackle challenges.  

A study by Science Direct found that aerobic exercises such as cycling can dramatically reduce feelings of anxiety and potentially prevent anxiousness from developing into a disorder. With 6.6 million working days lost to anxiety, stress, depression, and musculoskeletal disorders in 2023, a cycle commute can help keep your staff mentally well and in work.  

Research has proven that those who cycle regularly are significantly less at risk of feeling stressed. That’s because cycling can be effective in lowering the stress hormone, cortisol, while releasing ‘feel-good’ endorphins. And when your staff are less stressed, they are more productive, more focused, and better able to problem solve and avoid workplace conflict.  

Cycling is a low-impact activity that can help protect people from developing serious diseases such as stroke, heart attack, certain cancers, depression, obesity, and arthritis. Plus, people who cycle for more than 30 minutes per day had a 40% lower risk of developing diabetes. This contributes to the cultivation of a healthy, thriving workforce who are both physically strong - and mentally resilient.  


Even More Benefits for Your Business  

Not only can cycling help you grow a positive workplace culture with fitter, healthier, and more productive people, but it can also help to:  

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and strengthen your green initiatives by encouraging sustainable travel to and from work. This can be particularly effective in attracting and retaining Gen Z and Millennial talent, as over 40% of this demographic would be willing to switch jobs over climate concerns 
  • Attract top talent and keep them on board with a meaningful benefit that makes a difference to mental, physical, and financial wellbeing 
  • Provide a more cost-effective way for your people to get to and from work during the cost-of-living crunch, helping to reduce financial stress. Did you know that workers spend an average of £3,454/year on train fare and £1,610/year on fuel – just to get to the office?  
  • Avoid absenteeism caused by physical and mental fatigue, which can lead to accidents, injuries, and ill health 

If you’re ready to help your people thrive on and off the saddle, get in touch with us today 


Terms & Conditions

Cycle to Work benefit - For bicycles valued over £1000 Your organisation is a broker and not a lessor. SME HCI Ltd (trading as Vivup), 5 Margaret Road, Romford, RM2 5SH, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Ref 626422). UK Only, 18+, subject to status, terms apply. Up to 42% saving: Savings are realised through a salary sacrifice arrangement. Excluding End of Agreement fee (if applicable). Figures are a guide only and dependent on personal situation.  


Cycle to Work is provided via a salary sacrifice arrangement. Terms & Conditions apply **at least 50% of the cycle and/or safety equipment must be used for Qualifying journeys include commuting to and from work and/or business journeys from one work place to another.  Bikes available are subject to organisation scheme limit.