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How Online GP Services Are Revolutionising Access to Essential Healthcare 

Sinead Murphy May 11, 2023 1:15:01 PM

As patient levels grow and staff levels decline, GP services are under immense pressure to deliver pre-pandemic care in a post-pandemic world. With 2,078 fewer fully qualified full-time GPs compared to September 2015, those requiring in-person appointments are facing waiting times of up to 10 days. Individuals in the London area are experiencing the longest waiting times in the country, with reports confirming an average of 14 days to secure a GP appointment.  

In December 2022, the Labour Party issued a warning that it may be “too late” for people who are struggling to be seen and diagnosed by their GP while suffering with serious medical conditions. According to Labour’s survey, around 13% of patients did not manage to secure an appointment the last time they attempted to book one – which means more than 5 million people could have been unable to access a GP when required.   

In response, the NHS have introduced online and telephone consultations to alleviate pressure on their overstretched GP services. However, with the average waiting time for a telephone appointment estimated to be around 8 days, it appears that more availability is required to satisfy the level of demand.  

The Benefits of Virtual Healthcare  

Providing your workforce with access to online GP services is a great way to encourage your people to take a positive, proactive approach to their wellbeing. That’s because virtual services offer a level of comfort and convenience that is not found with in-person appointments, enabling your staff to book their appointments at a time that suits their schedules and often eliminating the need to take time off work or arrange childcare.  

Along with offering fast-track access to general practitioners, virtual GP services also provide a faster route to specialist treatment with streamlined transfers between different points of care. With the average waiting time for specialist treatment around 13 weeks in 2022, offering a virtual alternative can reduce health-related stress and anxiety and ensure your people receive appropriate treatment before further health complications arise.  

Did you know? Employee absenteeism caused by poor health and health-related anxiety is currently costing the UK more than £100 billion per year 

We’re proud to partner with HealthHero to provide a comprehensive GP solution that: 

  • Offers a more flexible alternative to in-person GP appointments by enabling employees to be seen at a time that suits them, from any location  
  • Relieves pressure on the NHS by providing a sustainable alternative to face-to-face appointments   
  • Enables your people to get private prescriptions* for direct delivery or collection from a local pharmacy, along with any consultation and/or fit note required for the workplace  
  • Provides the opportunity to obtain a second opinion from a specialist, or get an open referral from a HealthHero clinician (where necessary)
  • Connects your people to trusted, reliable health information via access to the UK’s most comprehensive medical database 
  • Promotes peace of mind by enabling your staff to enjoy increased anonymity when dealing with their health concerns 
  • Allows your employees to choose a male or female practitioner, depending on their preference
  • Offers cover for your employees’ dependants  

Our service guarantees a high-quality roster of GPs – all of whom are:  

  • Employed, contracted, experienced, practicing GPs  
  • Subject to a careful selection process and qualifications check   
  • Members of the National Performers List  
  • Overseen by CMO and 3 Medical Advisors

The future of healthcare is here, and it’s time to help your people experience the benefits – without the wait.     


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*Prescription costs apply  

Appointment times are subject to availability and demand 



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