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Help your people switch to a bike commute this Cycle to Work Day

Sinead Murphy Aug 3, 2023 12:35:50 PM

Cycle to Work Day (3rd August) is the UK’s biggest bike event. Designed to encourage riders of all abilities discover the benefits of travelling to work on two wheels, Cycle to Work Day is a great opportunity to encourage your people to switch up their commutes for a healthier alternative.  

Even if you missed this year’s event, it’s never too late to start celebrating Cycle to Work day - every day. All your people need is a reliable, roadworthy bike, a sturdy cycle helmet, suitable clothing, and a small inventory of safety equipment. Once they’ve got their kit, your workforce can enjoy cleaner, greener commutes that save them money and boost their wellbeing!  

Regular biking has many benefits for your people – and your business. By helping your staff make the switch, you can:  

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and strengthen your green initiatives by encouraging sustainable travel to and from work  


  • Attract top talent and keep them on board with a meaningful benefit that makes a difference to mental, physical, and financial wellbeing  


  • Provide a more cost-effective way for your people to get to work during the cost of living crunch   


  • Grow a positive workplace culture with fitter, healthier, and more productive employees  


  • Avoid absenteeism caused by physical and mental fatigue  


Plus, your people will also feel the benefit in their bodies, minds, and pockets. That’s because commuting to work by bike can:  

Increase physical fitness - In a 2019 study, commuting by bike was found to improve cardiovascular functioning and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The study also noted that those who cycle often are typically fitter than people who engage in other physical activities. Your staff can cycle at their own comfortable pace, or opt to burn more calories by increasing their pace and having a proper workout on their way to work. 

Release feel-good endorphins - What better way to start the day than with something that makes you feel good? Physical exercise increases endorphin levels, which can help to calm anxious thoughts, enable us to be more resilient to stress, and help us feel better equipped to tackle challenges. When your staff arrive at work feeling happy, the positive impact is felt across the whole organisation.   

Cut down costs – With many people feeling the pinch during the cost of living crunch, switching to a cycle commute can help your staff save money on petrol, parking, and public transportation. In fact, swapping out your regular commute for a bike commute can save a whopping £3,000 per year!  

Boost brain power – In a study that examined the effect of cycling on cognitive function and wellbeing in older adults, it was found that regular biking improved executive functions. These are the processes that enable planning, focus, and observation - which can all contribute to a more productive and engaged workforce.  

If you’re interested in supporting the mental, physical, and financial wellbeing of your people by providing a manageable way to access bikes and safety equipment, be sure to get in touch today. Our Cycle to Work employee benefit makes it easy for staff to make the switch to a cycle commute with savings of up to 42%* on big brand bikes, helmets, locks, lights, and much more. Plus, they can also spread the cost of their order via fixed salary reductions spread across a set period. Perfect for creating a happy, healthy workforce during Cycle to Work day – and all year round!