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Creating A Positive Workplace Culture

Shelley Aston Dec 7, 2023 3:54:37 PM

No one wants to be labelled as toxic, so why would you want to hear that said of your business? Your workplace culture matters. If it’s healthy, it can support your organisation on the road to success. If it isn't, it can lead to rocky ground. But what exactly is workplace culture and why is it so important? 


Defining Workplace Culture  


Workplace culture has been described as the personality1 or character of an organisation1,. Ultimately, it’s what your business stands for and projects for others to see. However, characters are complex, and everything needs to work together in a harmonious alignmentof goals, company polices, and staff wellbeing. This not only helps your business look good to prospective talent, but also helps to form a happy, healthy work environment where people thrive and productivity booms.    


What Are the Traits of Healthy Workplace Culture? 


Effective communication, clear direction, appreciation, respect, and teamwork are all indicators that your organisation and its people have a positive workplace culture. With that said, why is it essential for any business to have and maintain a healthy workplace culture? 


The Importance of Workplace Culture 


Employee wellbeing and workplace culture go hand in hand. If employees feel happy and supported in their environment, it will show in their engagement and productivity. In fact, recent statistics show that happy employees are around 13%3 more productive. 


But just as a healthy workplace culture can positively impact employees and organisations alike, a negative one can have serious repercussions. 


With the toxic work environments making headline4 news in 2023 and a third of UK workers quitting 5 due to a negative workplace culture, it’s clear to see why it’s so bad for business. After all, attracting and retaining the right staff is key - and anything that interferes with that will likely spell problems for the future.  


A negative workplace culture can also cause mental health issues amongst staff. According to a recent report, 87%6 of people surveyed experienced a negative impact on their mental health due to a toxic workplace. With mental health contributing to 63%7 of long-term absences, the importance of creating a positive workplace culture is evident.  


So, you’ve established your workplace culture needs a makeover. What now?  


Our Solutions  


As a leading employee wellbeing provider, Vivup currently supports over 2000 organisations and their people across the UK, providing a wide range of benefits built to boost employee wellbeing and promote a healthy, happy workplace.  


It is vital to have a proactive approach to your employees’ wellbeing, particularly when it comes to their mental health. That’s why Vivup offer a variety of ways to support your staff.  


Your Care is a dynamic solution offering a range of personal, emotional, and financial wellbeing tools and unlimited in-the-moment support. With a variety of online wellbeing assessments, health and fitness apps, and a resource library with blogs, videos and more, Your Care provides your people with the tools they need to tackle life’s ups and downs.  


Additionally, with Vivup’s Online GP Service, your people can access unlimited private GP services with a choice of phone and video consultations.  


Through our Employee Assistance Programme, you can connect your people to confidential and impartial expert support and counselling 24/7, 365 days a year, enabling them to access the right support at the right time.   


Together, we can give your people the support they need when they need it most. 


The Power of Recognition  


When it comes to the workplace, acknowledgment matters. Vivup understands the importance of employee appreciation and the positive impact it can have on creating a harmonious workplace culture for all.  


Vivup highfive is an app-based reward and recognition solution which encourages peer to peer recognition and celebrates employee milestones and achievements. It also offers the ability to send digital rewards to your workforce and gain an in-depth insight into your company’s culture through real time reporting. Vivup highfive is the cost-effective, easy to use solution for your company’s reward and recognition needs.  


To discover more about how Vivup’s employee benefits can help you create a workplace culture to be proud of, call 01252 784 541, visit, or email 






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