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Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day - Every Day

Sinead Murphy May 26, 2022 3:14:25 PM

Discover our quick and simple tips to help make appreciation part of your company culture

Friday 1st March 2024 marks Employee Appreciation Day, and with it comes a perfect opportunity to show your people how much they matter.   

It’s no secret that great company cultures are shaped by year-round employee appreciation, but we’ve put together some simple tips to help you make this day extra special for your workforce.  

After all, celebrating your staff can help boost retention, enhance your company culture, and elevate workplace productivity!  

 1. Treat your workforce to an early Friday finish 

Give your people that Friday feeling with an extra hour to dedicate to self-care, family time, personal hobbies and any other activities that boost their wellbeing and bring a smile to their face.  

 2. Express your gratitude with a thoughtful thank you message

Jotting down a quick note, sending an email, or even giving a shout out in a meeting for a job well done is a small gesture that has a big impact. Just a few works can show your employees how much you value them and their contributions.   

3. Shine a spotlight on employee appreciation 

Dedicate some time to peer-to-peer recognition by encouraging your workforce to share what they appreciate about each other. You could do this during the first ten minutes of a meeting, in a Teams call or with a group huddle before you start your work day.  

 4. Say "thank you" with a brew 

Who can turn down a free cuppa? A low-cost gesture such as an instant digital card for a takeaway tea or coffee can really hit the spot and lets your team how much they’re appreciated. 

 5. Give your people a meaningful green gift 

Support your sustainability initiatives by signing up with a tree planting programme such as More TreesThey plant trees on behalf of your business, so you can give back in a way that really makes a difference to your people – and the planet!   

 6Host a TGI Friday happy hour

Give your people the opportunity to share some social time with an end of day get-together. Whether you do this remotely or in-person, it’s a great way to help employees create strong relationships - which can increase satisfaction and help boost morale and happiness.  

7. Stage an awards ceremony

 Roll out your very own red carpet by recognising employees’ contributions and achievements – and rewarding them with a special treat!  

8. Ask your employees what they appreciate

Any gesture of appreciation is a great step in the right direction, but being able to show your appreciation in a way that truly resonates with your employees can go a long way. Ask them what they value and make an effort to incorporate their answers into your company culture.

 9. Make everyday Employee Appreciation Day 

Who said appreciation should be limited to one single day? Employees thrive on recognition, so use this day as a catalyst to keep celebrating your people and creating a culture of continuous positivity and praise.   

From applauding achievements to sending a simple thank you for a job well done, our app-based solution, Vivup highfive, makes it easy to acknowledge and celebrate your people in a few quick clicks.  

With highfive, you can:  

  • Celebrate your people’s success 
  • Elevate team spirit 
  • Make appreciation part of the culture 
  • Boost morale and motivation 
  • Help your workforce feel more connected  
  • Inspire others to pass on the positivity 

To learn more about our  Recognition and Reward solutions, email the Vivup team at